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Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

Danna F. Magloire, LLC civil litigation experts work closely with you to ease the stress and streamline the process of understanding and filing for civil litigation.

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Criminal Law

With hundreds of successful judge and jury trials under our belts, our criminal law defense strategies are among the most forward-thinking in the country. Facing criminal charges alone can be overwhelming and cause you a lot of unnecessary stress, especially since receiving one negative ruling can impact the rest of your life.

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Family Law

Mediation is a mandatory step in most family law cases, and can be a dissatisfactory process if you are not working with a mediator who understands this area of the law, local regulations, rulings and similar case trials.

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Immigration Law

Leaving your home country and establishing yourself and family members in a new country can be daunting, especially when things like communication present challenges. We make ourselves available to you for guidance and assistance when you need it.

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Personal Injury

We protect the rights of you and your loved ones who have been hurt or fatally injured. We are well-known for providing comprehensive solutions and ferociously defending your rights, entitlements and best interests.

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Real Estate Law

Our top real estate lawyers have been working with individuals and business organizations for a number of years offering advanced legal guidance in all areas of property law. The breadth of our knowledge covers a wide range of practice areas.

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